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The Office Idea Book: Creative Solutions that Work

The Office Idea Book: Creative Solutions that Work

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"An office space that encourages creativity and provides employees and clients alike with a productive atmosphere is vital to the success of any business but all too rare in today's marketplace. This book, Creative Office Design, showcases those rarities -- those office designs that go beyond the ordinary and truly work.Creative Office Design includes both extensive photo coverage and in-depth editorial to illustrate the factors critical to a successful office design: effective utilization of available space, thoughtful selection of materials and furnishings, and the intelligent allocation of funds. Some of the offices found on these pages are cutting-edge designs that reinvent the work environment while others are thoughtful reinterpretations of traditional office concepts.Creative Office Design includes offices of a wide range of sizes and from a broad spectrum of industries. Included are: corporate headquarters; ad agencies and design firms; financial offices and banks; law, medical and professional offices of all kinds; and service industry spaces such as travel, insurance and real estate offices."