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Create Your Space, Create Your Life: Set Yourself Up for Success at College

Create Your Space, Create Your Life: Set Yourself Up for Success at College

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-- The most important "textbook" you'll read for college. There's more to "the move to college" than the move itself. And while students all over the world are packing their suitcases, they're also about to make the emotional transition of a lifetime. This is a time when students need a little extra help, and "Create Your Space, Create Your Life" is here to give it to them. This book is the college student's ultimate guide to turning the college living space into a pathway to success, and will help guide students through their most difficult moments and their greatest achievements. How will this book benefit college-bound students and their parents? * After reading this book, students will jumpstart their move from high school to college by clearing out and organizing their home bedrooms before leaving for college. * They will be guided through a transition process that will prepare them to live their new lives at college. * Students will discover the connection between their living space (their dorm) and their quality of life at school. In the process, they will learn how to take control of their dorm room and use it to help achieve their goals. * Students will gain valuable advice on everything from what to bring to college and where to put it, to how to clean their rooms. * By the time they finish the book, students will be ready to begin this new chapter in their lives with the confidence and self-understanding necessary to succeed. Why is this book unique? Every year, high school grads are bombarded with pamphlets and books about college, but how many of these actually help students transition from high school to college both physically and emotionally? How many books advise students on how to arrange their dorm room and tell them how their room is actually connected to their success/college experience? The answer-Not many. With this book, high school graduates will benefit from the seasoned expertise of student environment and Successful Spaces coach Mary Roberts and the firsthand experience of recent college graduate and journalist Chrissy Callahan. By combining professional with firsthand advice, this book will leave students with a well-rounded understanding of and preparation for the transition to college. What makes this book a must have? Up to this point, students have received a lot of support throughout the college application process. They were guided through applications; they were counseled through acceptance decisions and consoled throughout rejections; and they were celebrated at graduation for their achievements. But now that high school students have graduated, and they prepare to embark on the transition of a lifetime, their support system will start to fizzle out a bit. About to be left to fend for themselves in a new place and environment, many college first-years find themselves confused and nervous. But they need not be. With the help of Successful Spaces coach Mary Roberts and journalist Chrissy Callahan, students will find the support they seek and will discover the answers to their most confusing and stressful questions. Roberts and Callahan will guide students through the transition from high school to college, offering practical and valuable advice on everything from what to bring to college to how to deal with the emotional transition that lies ahead. Students will learn how to use their dorm room to enhance their college experience and achieve their goals, and they will feel ready to take on the journey of a lifetime. "WOW! I love this book and every college student needs to read it! Mary Roberts has put together a resource that is brilliant and that every college and university should give to every one of their students." James Malinchak 2-Time College Speaker of the Year Co-Author, Chicken Soup for the College Soul