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Great Afterschool Programs and Spaces That Wow!

Great Afterschool Programs and Spaces That Wow!

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Does your afterschool program have the WOW factor?Create a high quality school-age program that is exciting, inviting, and reflects the interests, abilities, and needs of the children. Whether your program operates before or after school, on non-school days, during the summer, or overnight, you can create a dynamic environment where everyone will enjoy spending time.This book is filled with hundreds of ideas?from setting up a quiet reading nook to tackling clutter?reflecting the authors’ years of experience and hundreds of visits to a variety of school-age programs. It takes you through all of the considerations that affect your program and then lays out a process to help you improve the three dimensions of a school-age environment.Temporal: Establish schedules, routines, rules, and learning opportunities to meet children’s needsInterpersonal: Facilitate the relationships and social interactions of children, staff, families, and the greater communityPhysical: Create sensory-rich indoor and outdoor spacesLinda J. Armstrong and Christine A. Schmidt are experienced educational consultants who serve children and youth programs throughout the United States.