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Manual on Road Construction: For Resident Engineers and Inspectors

Manual on Road Construction: For Resident Engineers and Inspectors

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Manual on Road Construction for Resident Engineers and Inspectors By B.H. Piepmeier Contents I-Organization II-Duties of resident engineers and inspectors III-Daily routine of engineers in charge of road construction IV-Reports V-Water supply VI-Road bed VII-Laying pavement VIII-Cement IX-Materials X-Central mixing plants XI-Finishing concrete pavements XII-Special sections XIII-Curing XIV-Bituminous filled brick construction XV-Bituminous concrete pavements XVI-Gravel roads XVII-Macadam roads XVIII-Bituminous macadam roads XIX-Earth roads XX-Oiled earth roads XXI-Shoulders and side ditches XXII-Acceptance of work XXIII-Payment estimates XXIV-Detour and barricade signs Preface The purpose of this bulletin is to set forth briefly the requirements of the Department of Public Works and Buildings, in the construction of various types of roads. It must be understood that all preliminary work in the location of right-of-way, surveys, plans and specifications, regardless of the time or talent employed in the preparation of the work, may be useless if the construction is not intelligently and fairly executed. During the next ten years it is estimated that one hundred million dollars will be spent for road improvement in Illinois. It is very important, therefore, that all work be done in accordance with approved principles and under intelligent supervision in order that the burden imposed by future maintenance may be reduced to a minimum. No set of rules and no set of specifications can be written to cover completely all conditions which may arise. Experience, judgment, and integrity in carrying out the requirements of the specifications must dictate the answer to many doubtful questions that may arise in the construction of the work. It is hoped, therefore, that this bulletin may offer suggestions that will aid both the engineer and the contractor in the successful completion of his work. The purpose of the revised road and bridge law is to provide a competent organization for the efficient handling of all road and bridge work in the State. Under the Civil Administrative Code the Director of the Department of Public Works and Buildings directs the work of the Division of Highways. The Superintendent and Chief Highway Engineer of the Division of Highways in conjunction with the Director and the Board of Highway Advisors determine the location and direct the design, construction, and maintenance of all State road and bridge work. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Windham Press is committed to bringing the lost cultural heritage of ages past into the 21st century through high-quality reproductions of original, classic printed works at affordable prices. This book has been carefully crafted to utilize the original images of antique books rather than error-prone OCR text. This also preserves the work of the original typesetters of these classics, unknown craftsmen who laid out the text, often by hand, of each and every page you will read. Their subtle art involving judgment and interaction with the text is in many ways superior and more human than the mechanical methods utilized today, and gave each book a unique, hand-crafted feel in its text that connected the reader organically to the art of bindery and book-making. We think these benefits are worth the occasional imperfection resulting from the age of these books at the time of scanning, and their vintage feel provides a connection to the past that goes beyond the mere words of the text.