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Textile Printing: Techniques for Printing on Fabric Clearly Explained

Textile Printing: Techniques for Printing on Fabric Clearly Explained

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The printing of textiles, when approached as an artistic discipline, offers interesting and rewarding opportunities for expression. In this book, written as a practical manual, readers will find detailed information about the history of textile printing, the most common fabrics used for printing, and basic instructions for printing on textiles in a studio setting. The technical processes are carefully explained and include examples that make each process easier for beginners to understand. Following an introduction, the book's chapters cover these topics: A Brief History of Textile Printing Textiles for Printing Materials and Tools Technical Processes, including Block Printing, Serigraphy, DevorA© and bleaching, Batik, and Serti painting with guta pigments Step-by-Step instructions for six projects: a child's dress, a shawl with gradated colors, a lamp shade, personalized denim clothing, a curtain with DevorA©, and an armchair decorated with gutta A Gallery illustrating finished objects A Glossary and Bibliography Textile Printing is a practical and informative book for textile design students, professionals in the industry, and dedicated amateurs. Color photos on most pages--hundreds of illustrations.