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Feng Shui Secrets for College Students

Feng Shui Secrets for College Students

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WHY YOU NEED THIS BOOK Personal Energy - the energy of our mind and body - comes from food and external stimuli such as light, color, sound, touch and smell. Feng Shui for College Students is important because we all live in a “personal space” which directly influences our Personal Energy. Organizing our personal space into empowered work, study and sleeping spaces helps us empower our life for good grades and a great social life. Create and own your space with the goal of maximizing your personal energy to insure a successful future. NADINE GROSS is known for being one of the most in-demand color & design experts in the world. Combining 30 years experience as Design Director for numerous Fortune 500 companies with her internationally renowned expertise in Color Theory, Nadine now delivers her energetic and humorous message to audiences around the world, and provides design and energy consultations to individuals and businesses.