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A Reality Revolution

A Reality Revolution

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A lucid awakening through honest rhyme Within the pages of this book awaits for you an adventure. For through the practice of ideas set forth one can find a greater awareness. I believe awareness to be a road traveled into the distance which only honesty can send us. Into these open spaces a way forward comes into view past this world built upon a complexity of lies. And I, as most of you, have become tired of treading the seemingly endless quarrel of bad ideas toward decline. While desiring to open a dialog into the place in which true change can flourish. If you feel at all similar then these lyrical poems will challenge you in the ways of self-improvement, as we begin a quest to deflect the falsity of our troubled time. So as a guide I wait for you naked within a broadened spectrum of emotion. With simplistic words of communication that open the mind's eye into the place which only the genuine know.