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Da Vinci's REAL Hidden Secrets

Da Vinci's REAL Hidden Secrets

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BUY IT NOW! There are REAL secrets hidden in Da Vinci's artworks. This book doesn't simply present hyperbole about 'theories' of Da Vinci's secrets, it actually illustrates his REAL secrets in three of his most famous paintings- the Mona Lisa, the Madonna of the Rocks, and the Last Supper! There actually are secret numbers in the Mona Lisa relating to the Fibonacci Sequence. There really is a secret hidden under a 'rose line' in the Madonna of the Rocks. There really are geometry secrets hidden in the Last Supper. This astounding book not only illustrates those secrets but it then dives deep into studying their implications, exploring the message that Da Vinci might have been seeking to convey. This book is a lighthearted take on what actually is an amazing and unprecedented revelation of REAL secrets that have been hidden in Da Vinci's artwork for hundreds of years. It is a must-buy for anyone who actually wants to know whether Da Vinci had a code and needs to know exactly what it was. Buy it today at this reduced price and get a jump on everyone before these secrets go viral! For those who like to dive deep, buy the in-depth exploration of the secrets in 'Da Vinci's REAL Hidden Secrets: The Theoretical Implications.' For information on Seminars and Conferences, please contact the authors at 'L.A. Braun' on Facebook. The Seminar booklet is also available on Amazon as 'Da Vinci's REAL Hidden Secrets: The Seminar Series.'