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New Talents Cologne 2012

New Talents Cologne 2012

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For nine days in 2012, the cultural quarter Cologne at Neumarkt was transformed into an all encompassing interdisciplinary arts careers, including young graduates from the fields of arts/media, film, music/dance, and design and this work captures the unique talents and artistic fever of the event. Alongside the exhibition of selected works from the fields of fine and media arts, alumni from the field of design offered insights into their creative concepts through presentations and lectures. Filmclub 813 screened outstanding thesis and selected debut films, followed by questions and answers with the film makers. Ten musical talents were commissioned with composition works in cooperation with the city of Cologne, and the newly created works were premiered at the KOLUMBA Kunstmuseum and Kunst-Station Sankt Peter. For the third edition of the festival, dance was also featured as an art form for the first time.