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Kakiemon Porcelain: A Handbook (AUP - Leiden University Press)

Kakiemon Porcelain: A Handbook (AUP - Leiden University Press)

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Characterized by beautiful and distinctive enamel decoration, Kakiemon porcelain represents a high point in the history of ceramics. Dating from seventeenth-century Japan, Kakiemon quickly became popular among consumers all over the world and exerted incredible influence over European porcelain manufacturers. Kakiemon Porcelain offers a stunningly illustrated guide to Japanese and European collections and provides all the practical tools necessary for attribution and dating Kakiemon porcelain. Menno Fitski, curator of East Asian art at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, provides an in-depth analysis of the style, both artistically and historically, while tracing Kakiemon from its Japanese roots to its European reception. With over one hundred color illustrations, this exhaustive study will appeal to Kakiemon collectors and enthusiasts, as well as historians of early modern Europe and Japan.