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Kesu': The Art and Life of Doug Cranmer

Kesu': The Art and Life of Doug Cranmer

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Although Doug Cranmer's work has been featured in many books, this is the first volume solely devoted to his art. Doug Cranmer's abstract painting series from 1974-76 is still regarded as ground-breaking in contemporary Northwest Coast modern art today. The book is a celebration of Doug Cranmer, written not as a scholarly art treatise but as he is remembered by friends, family, and the students who knew him best. Northwest Coast Kwakwaka'wakw art is renowned for its flamboyant, energetic, and colourful carving and painting. Among the best-known practitioners was Doug Cranmer, whose style was understated, elegant, fresh, and unique, and whose work quickly found an international following in the 1960s. He was an early player in the global, commercial art market and one of the first Native artists in British Columbia to own his own gallery. A long-time teacher, he inspired generations of young Native artists in Alert Bay, British Columbia, and across the province. To date, however, his considerable contributions have gone largely unrecognized.