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The Benefits of Positive Living: Two Village Tales from Uganda (Volume 2)

The Benefits of Positive Living: Two Village Tales from Uganda (Volume 2)

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The Benefits of Positive Living is composed of stories written and illustrated by dozens of community members who ultimately survived the HIV/AIDS epidemic. They give advice to readers in the hope that others will learn from their experiences. Artfully AWARE uses creativity as an important tool for social improvement and emotional recovery of persons who have experienced traumatic events, disabilities or inadequate living conditions through our main program – The Storybook Project. One can not overstate the importance of communities being able to hold a history written by themselves in their own hands. Through each Storybook Project, AfA helps to restore the lives of people by teaching new skills that lifts them out of poverty and brings much needed resilience. Children and adults strengthen their minds and abilities through creative stimulation. Our Storybooks are made for cultural exchange purposes. They deal with adult themes, but can be considered suitable for children over the age of twelve. They make a wonderful gift for friends and family, as well as a great educational resource for the classroom and at home. Our Storybooks are designed for parents who want to teach their children about families from different cultures, school teachers who want to educate students on world history, other educational instructors who want to learn about how communities overcome struggle, development workers who want to gain an understanding of the communities they work in and for individuals who take an interest in fascinating and uplifting stories. Our first storybook is also available for purchase: The Story of the Acholi - A Village Tale from Uganda