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Ruprecht von Kaufmann: 2007-2010

Ruprecht von Kaufmann: 2007-2010

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This book brings together for the first time three of Ruprecht von Kaufmann’s most recent series of artworks: Fog, a sequence of six large-scale paintings that depict the movements of life, from childhood to battle scenes; Medea, a reinterpretation of the great heroic figures of antiquity; and Equator, an ambitious, room-filling sequence of black-and-white installations featuring archetypal antiheroes against labyrinthine landscapes. Drawing on memory sequences and themes from literature and art history, Kaufmann’s work frequently juxtaposes light and shadow to suggest the struggle between good and evil. A native of Munich, Kaufmann has also lived and worked in both Los Angeles and New York and his paintings and drawings have been showcased in all three cities, among others, to great critical acclaim. With more than one hundred illustrations, this volume offers a look at his most recent series of works.