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Depatinations 1997-2012

Depatinations 1997-2012

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Klaus Dauven’s drawings are not limited to the small format of works on paper or canvas: He paints on large concrete dams, underbridges, noise abatement walls on the side of motorway.Dauven does not apply paint or any other medium, like painter commonly do, he does the exact opposite! Dauven takes away, the takes away the dirt and grime, the patina. Through the contrast between cleaned, cleared parts of these huge surfaces and the still patinated, grimy areas Dauven creates his pictures on a large scale.His biggest project so far is the drawing of „Hanazakari“ on the Matsudagawa Dam in Japan. For this he is widely recognized. 2013 Dauven will start a similarly tremendous project in Brasil.Dauven has not always worked on such a big scale. In the book „Depatinations“ which depicts a selection of his works since 1999 one can trace the development of size in Dauven’s works.