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Tall Tales of England's Queens and Kings

Tall Tales of England's Queens and Kings

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Not so much ‘horrible’ as funny and even beguiling, the potted histories that make up Peter Lemesurier’s Tall Tales of England’s Queens and Kings are immensely readable, and illustrated with copious cartoons. Irresistible to children of all ages, they recount the lives and dubious deeds of 21 monarchs from Queen Boudicca (better known as Boadicea) to Queen Victoria, taking in such characters as King Canute, William the Conqueror, Henry VIII and George III along the way. By turns provocative, informative, teasing, shocking and even (at times) mildly scatological, the book concludes with a ‘Truthfinder’ section to correct its various ‘deliberate mistakes’, which young readers are challenged to try and spot for themselves.