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Mr. Nightingale (Companion Coloring Book - Persian Edition) (Mr. Nightingale (Persian Edition))

Mr. Nightingale (Companion Coloring Book - Persian Edition) (Mr. Nightingale (Persian Edition))

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The illustrations for Mr. Nightingale are one of a kind. The artist (Kristina) and Ghazal worked carefully on the nuances of every illustration. They wished to capture in color and form the luxuriance of Persian culture and the opulent detail in ornamentation found even in ordinary homes. To produce the desired effect, the artist combined three painting methods. She used colored pencil to enhance the clarity of the drawings. The watercolor technique she used for the color wash has a magical quality that makes the pigments swim as if alive. The final touches of black ink bring prominence to the details and shapes. Ghazal has two aims in creating this book and bringing it to you. The first is to raise funds for reconstructive surgery for eight severely burned children from Iran. This publication and several future books are dedicated to these children’s cause. The second goal is to tell stories of Iranian culture through the eyes of a child. Mr. Nightingale has been translated into several languages: Arabic, Farsi, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish. Mr. Nightingale is available in paperback, tablet reader formats, and in MP3 audio in all the languages above. Thank you for your support. Please “Like” our “The Iranian Burned Children” page on Facebook. If you want to contribute to the children’s cause, please contact Ghazal by email. ghazal@ghazalomid.com. Please support this book to help the 8 burned children from Iran. http://www.mrnightingale.com/