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A Picture of Health: 30 Health & Fitness Postcards

A Picture of Health: 30 Health & Fitness Postcards

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This collection of 30 beautiful health and fitness images from yesteryear contains classic adverts, information announcements and advice on avoiding disease, eating correctly and exercising regularly. These inspirational messages have relevance for everyone today, with dozens of postcards to energize even the most dedicated couch potatoes. These ‘pictures of health’ have been specially selected from a whole range of posters from the 1920s up to the Sixties, and many were created as part of the U.S. Federal Art Project. There are also posters from Russia – welcoming tourists to visit health spas in the former Soviet Union – and Great Britain, with sports and food advice from the 1950s: “Eat something from each group each day, To keep you healthy, fit and gay.” Not to mention the classic “Coughs and sneezes spread diseases” warning. Keeping fit has never been so stylish!