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A Possible Reality: Carlos Loarca : Artist and Muralist

A Possible Reality: Carlos Loarca : Artist and Muralist

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A Possible Reality is a sample of the most recent paintings by maestro painter and muralist Carlos Loarca. Loarca born in Guatemala came to the United States when he was eighteen years old. His unique painting career spans over the past five decades. Loarca’s communicative masterpieces infuses bright Mayan colors with Guatemalan mythology. His muse, El Cadejo, comes alive in his work which has developed into a parallel of Loarca’s life. Painting has allowed for healing to occur in Loarca's life as he has overcome his addiction. Loarca’s creations have been featured around the world and his influence can be felt by allowing his unique artistic perspective to be found in everyday living. Quotes from Loarca's career of painting are also featured which allow the reader to redefine everything they thought they knew about painting.