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A Variation on Powers of Ten

A Variation on Powers of Ten

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The interstellar rollercoaster ride of Charles and Ray Eames experimental 1968 film, The Powers of Ten, changed the way that the average American thought about science. In this project, the art and design collective Futurefarmers used the Eames IBM commissioned film s opening picnic scene as its inspiration and score. Researchers whose work relates to each one of the magnitudes of ten compare today s practices with those of 1968 and discuss the changing land scapes of their respective fields. The collaboration came about through a residency at the University of California, Berkeley. Included in the publication are essays by Futurefarmers members, interviews with researchers, and documentation of ten delightfully re staged picnics, representing fields of inquiry from philosophy to ecology. Contributors include Peter Galison, Jake Kosek, Rick and Megan Shaw Prelinger, Sara Seager, and Ignacio Valero.