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Figures: A Pictorial Journal: 1954-1971

Figures: A Pictorial Journal: 1954-1971

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The architect is at all times also an artist. How otherwise would he be able to tame the three-dimensionality of space and subdue the urges of physics and structural mechanics with the creations of his fantasy? This creativity is however mostly restricted purely to its own field. Rob Krier, born in 1938 in Grevenmacher, Luxembourg, is an exception. Since the beginning of his career in construction, he has always seen his love of art as a vocation – one which he nurtures parallel to his work. In his Pictorial Journal 1954–1971, Rob Krier describes how his twin passion for fine art and architecture emerged. His autobiographical notes are accompanied by numerous sketches, drawings and sculptures, which were produced during this period and in which the author’s multifaceted experiences find artistic manifestation.