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Alberta Mistresses of the Modern: 1935-1975

Alberta Mistresses of the Modern: 1935-1975

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This publication reveals the role that Alberta women artists played in the establishment of a viable art scene in an often indifferent or hostile environment, and how their own artistic efforts struggled against traditions of the past. The times these women lived were nor without turmoil; they weathered the Depression and shortages of war, either as single women supporting themselves or as wives and mothers, all the while pursuing their own work and participating in nascent visual arts groups. The main essay, a thorough overview of the artists and their times, is accompanied by individual presentations of ten artists. They are: Annora Brown (1899-1987), Sibyl Budde Laubental (1918-1961), Thelma Manarey (1913-1984), Janet Mitchell (1912-1998), Marion Nicoll (1909-1985), Laura Evans Reid (1883-1951), Margaret Shelton (1915-1984), Helen Stadelbauer (1910-2006), Ella May Walker (1882-1960), Dorothy Henzell Willis (1898-1988).