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Art Situations: A Prospective Look (Arts Santa Monica)

Art Situations: A Prospective Look (Arts Santa Monica)

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Art Situations is the name of a new private initiative in the Iberian Peninsula that aims to promote younger contemporary artists from that region with an annual exhibition and publication. The project is directed by Pilar Forcada; each year, ten emerging artists are selected by a committee, and the first iteration is held at arts Santa Monica. The ten Spanish and Portugese artists selected are Mauro Cerqueira, Pepe Cifuentes (in collaboration with flo6x8), Patricia Dauder, Carla Filipe, Nuria Fuster, Santiago Giralda, Jaime de la Jara, Miki Leal, Juan Lopez and Francesc Ruiz. All of these artists were born during the final throes of Franco's dictatorship and studied art during the early years of democracy and Spain's and Portugal's integration into Europe; their work spans a variety of media, from painting and sculpture to video and performance.