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Subverting Disambiguities

Subverting Disambiguities

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Subverting Disambiguities is a collective reflection on themes raised by exhibitions curated at the Shedhalle Zurich by Anke Hoffmann and Yvonne Volkart, between 2009 and 2012. Composed of theoretical essays, artist and curatorial statements, installation documentation and interviews, the book surveys the ideas explored by Hoffmann and Volkart in five themed chapters: "Pausing and Interrupting," "How Art Writes History," "Ecologics," "Im/Possible Community" and "Acting Out and Opening Up." Among the artists, critics and curators interviewed are Matthew Fuller, Gluklya, Graham Harwood, Sebastian Diaz Morales, Uriel Orlow and Emily Richardson among others. "We want to make that visible which is off the beaten track," write Hoffmann and Volkart: "the remote, suppressed, irrational; that which is on the dark side or traumatically recurs; but also the flipside: the absurd, humorous and cheerful, which can be equally as tenacious."