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William Kent: Designing Georgian Britain

William Kent: Designing Georgian Britain

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The most versatile British designer of the eighteenth century, William Kent created a style for a new nation and monarchy. The scope of his achievements encompasses architecture, palatial interiors, elaborate gardens and exquisite furniture. Among his creative innovations are bold combinations of elements from Palladian, rococo and gothic design, anticipating the intermingling of architectural styles we see today. "William Kent: Designing Georgian Britain" is the first comprehensive exploration of this important designer and his extraordinary creations. An international team of the foremost experts in the field examines the entire spectrum of Kent's oeuvre, including the interiors at Kensington Palace and Houghton Hall. Essays illuminate issues about the authorship of Kent's furniture and metalwork, situate his contributions in relation to architectural discourse, and classify the characteristics of his designs. Copiously illustrated, including many stunning new photographs, this handsome volume celebrates the work and career of one of the most influential figures in the history of architecture and design.