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Project Risk Management - A Rapid Rollout Methodology.

Project Risk Management - A Rapid Rollout Methodology.

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Rolling out a Risk Management Capability can be a daunting task. But sometimes it MUST be done QUICKLY. Maybe you've joined a project where NO Risk Management is being carried out, and you want to correct the omission. Maybe your client is calling for Risk Management as part of your contract. To meet such needs, Sir Ganttalot has created the Rapid Rollout Methodology for Project Risk Management. With it, you can start managing Project Risks today! But wait, there's more! In this Methodology Sir Ganttalot introduces a unique concept called Pre-Occurrence Manifestation, which reflects the fact that the mere knowledge of a Risk can already affect team behavior, morale and/or performance. The Methodology also includes (over and above the standard Risk Response types) Sir Ganttalot's additional Risk Response approach called Precipitation: - making a Risk event happen at a time that suits YOU! Well, grab this book, roll up your sleeves, and start Managing those Risks!