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Financial Management. by Scott Smart, John Graham

Financial Management. by Scott Smart, John Graham

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Get closer to finance as it's actually practiced today with the powerful approach from award-winning authors John Graham and Scott Smart found in "Introduction To Financial Management, 3/e, International Edition". Theoretically sound yet practically relevant, this text integrates examples throughout to emphasize the roles of financial managers and CFOs and show how financial management actually works in today's real companies. This text's accessible, inviting approach gives finance majors the solid foundation they need while remaining relevant to the large number of non-majors in your course. Timely real examples and the latest material on the recent financial crisis, innovative online learning tools, and an integrated approach enable you to keep students of varying degrees of ability both motivated and involved. New author John Graham, one of the most prolific and widely cited scholars in finance today, brings new emphasis to connecting real-life corporate finance to everyday life. "New Job Interview Questions" and features that highlight what companies and CFOs do globally offer useful insights with the latest information from Duke University's highly regarded CFO Outlook Survey. Live solutions for chapter problems and SmartFinance online tools reinforce the text with videos from leading experts and step-by-step solutions. Thomson One Business School Edition (BSE) with 6 month access is included with the purchase of each new book. Equip your students with the same tools that professional brokers and analysts around the world use every day with Thomson One-BSE online financial database. Your students can perform basic research, analysis, and access leading financial data sources, including Thomson Financial, Worldscope, SEC Disclosure, Datastream, and more using Thomson One-BSE.