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Islamic Banking

Islamic Banking

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Student Always Consider Organic Chemistry As The Toughest Branch Branch Of Chemistry. The Book "Introduction To Organic Chemistry" Essentially Aims At Reducing The Phobia, Which The Study Of This Branch Of Chemistry Creates In The Middle Of Learners.Most Of The Organic Compounds Are Covalent In Nature And The Book Deals With The Various Aspects Of Bonding In Organic Compounds. This Study Will Help The Learner In Understanding The Properties Of Organic Compounds.Nomenclatures Of Organic Compounds Given In Accordance With Iupac Recommendation Of 1993 Will Help The Student Correctly Name The Compound.A Chapter Has Also Been Included To Explain Various Concepts Of Organic Chemistry That Are Essential For Understanding The Mechanism Of Organic Reaction Like Nomenclature Of Organic Compounds, The Mechanism Of Reactions Also Forms An Integral Part Of Any Syllabi In Organic Chemistry For Degree Classes.The Book Also Explains The Processes Used For Purification And Characterization Of Organic Compounds.The Book Is Likely To Form A Good Foundation In Understanding Organic Chemistry For The Beginners And Will Be Helpful In Understanding Of Organic Chemistry In Degree Classes.