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Climate Change & Tourism

Climate Change & Tourism

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Climate Change Is Now Seen As A Fundamental Issue With Major Implications For Tourism, Tourism In The Most Climate-Dependent Economic Sector. The Spectator Growth Of Tourism Provides Both Challenges And Opportunities. Tourism Activity Is Expected To Grow In The Next 20-30 Years Due To Globalization, Demographic Change, Leisure And Lifestyle. The Tourism Industry Climate Change Brings More Risks Than Opportunities. Climate Change-Related Hazards Have The Potential To Destroy Tourism Capital. The Assests On Which The Industry Is Based Are Endangered By Climate Change. An Increasing Number Of Tourist Destinations Are Gravely Affected By Global Warming. The Arctoc Amd Amtarctic Territories Are Merging As The Most Popular Tourist Destinations. Many Law Lying Coastal Zones And Small Island Nations Which Are The Most Favored Tourist Destination Are Vulnerable To Rising Water Levels. The Tourist Industry Has Reacted To This Challenge And Stepped Up Its Response To Climate Change.This Book Aims To Understand The Global Challenge Of Climate Change In The Tourism Sector And The Response Of The Industry To This Challenge. It Is Presented In Two Sections-Impacts And Responses. The Articles In The Book Deal With Tourism In Polar North, Nature-Based Tourism In Ontario, Mediterranean Countries, Climate Change And The Caribbean, Climate Change And Local Awareness, Measuring The Environmental Impact Of Travel, Tourism Destination Carbon Footprints, Climate Change Adaptation And Mitigation In The Tourism Sector.