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Your Employee Handbook Restaurant Version: Human Resources Policies and Procedures

Your Employee Handbook Restaurant Version: Human Resources Policies and Procedures

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Increase Your Employees' Productivity and Save Time and Money with Your Employee Handbook Restaurant Version Your Employee Handbook Restaurant Version was specifically created for non-union restaurant or food service businesses. The system includes dozens of ready-to-use policies and procedures, written and edited for clarity to comply with federal and state law. The policies include hiring, terminations, family leave policies, solutions for reduced hours and professional conduct standards in additional to restaurant-specific policies such as work schedules, tipping and tip pools, hygiene, grooming, safety, customer contact and other policies related to front of house and professional kitchen staff. The system also includes dozens of ready-to-use policies, written and edited for clarity and to meet all federal and state guidelines. Unlike other employee handbook products, Your Employee Handbook Restaurant Version is a complete human resources system that provides you with all the tools you need for effective staff management. Your Employee Handbook Restaurant Version was especially written for small businesses with less than 100 employees by a practicing expert in the human resources field and reviewed by an attorney with a specialty in employment law. When you purchase Your Employee Handbook Retailers Version, you get access to the editable Word file -- no re-typing! and the Employer's Poster Kit Online at no additional charge (with free registration to our website). Also as a registered purchaser, you receive free "forever access" to your purchased files, Special Reports, the Reference Library and Policy Vault, and get notices of upgrades and revisions. See the instruction pages of the handbook for the registration link to our site. As you hire people to help handle your success, the task of managing your employees can take more time and effort than any other part of running a business Very few small business owners even consider an employee handbook until something goes wrong. But there are many important reasons why you need one -- reasons that will save you time and money. Managing your employees with the professional human resources systems used by the top corporations will not only protect your business in case of a problem, it will increase performance and productivity in your employees. Here are a few examples: Professional discipline and termination practices safeguard your business from lawsuits. Reduce unemployment and workers comp premiums. Keep morale high with clear standards for performance. Fair and legal vacation policies motivate employees to do their best. Performance evaluations increase morale and eliminate conflicts.Your employees do their jobs without constant supervision, freeing you to focus on growing your business. Employees work best when they know exactly what is expected of them. Having specific goals to work toward helps them measure how well they are doing in their positions. It will also help you to either improve the performance of your weakest links, or terminate them without problems or penalties to your business. Your Employee Handbook is recommended by Entrepreneur.com and Fortune Small Business Magazine. It's endorsed by associations such as the Wisconsin Home Builders Association and Uniform Retailers Association, and used by thousands of small businesses, including attorneys.