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Service Design and Tourism

Service Design and Tourism

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Tourism becomes more and more transparent through social media and tourism review websites. Nowadays, it's the individual guest's experience that makes or breaks the success of a tourism product. Thus, the focus in tourism shifts from mere marketing communications to meaningful experiences. Service design thinking can provide an in-depth and holistic understanding of customers required to co-create meaningful experiences with guests. The book provides an introduction into service design and tourism and presents seven case studies of European tourism destinations, which used the app myServiceFellow as a mobile ethnography research tool to gain genuine customer insights. The book reports lessons learned of these case studies, gives managerial implications and an outlook on future research fields for service design in tourism. "Service Design and Tourism - Case studies of an applied research project on mobile ethnography for tourism destinations" is the written outcome of the research project "Service design as an approach to foster competitiveness and sustainability of European tourism" funded by the European Union under the CIP Competitiveness and Innovation Program. More information and a free pdf version of this book is provided on the website www.servicedesigntourism.com.