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Wisdom of Crowds TM Cloud Business Intelligence Market Study (Volume 1)

Wisdom of Crowds TM Cloud Business Intelligence Market Study (Volume 1)

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“Cloud Business Intelligence” (Cloud BI) is the concept of delivering Business Intelligence capabilities as a “service” – using cloud-based architectures (e.g., SOA, multi-tenancy, elasticity). It promises lowered costs, faster deployment and greater flexibility over more traditional BI solutions. Cloud BI can be deployed as a “private cloud” (internally hosted systems), “public cloud” (externally hosted on the world-wide-web) and as a “hybrid” – leveraging both environs. However, public cloud is the form most often thought of when speaking about cloud-based deployment of applications and data. There has been tremendous attention paid to cloud-based deployment of software over the past five years, with some great successes with CRM and HR applications (via public cloud). However, Business Intelligence has seen less adoption and success than other classes of applications in the cloud. Most stated concerns related to cloud-based BI center around security and privacy and the practicality of moving large volumes of data to the web. With all of that in mind, there continues to be strong investment in cloud-based BI and a growing amount of interest on the part of organizations to tap into the perceived benefits that it can deliver. As such, we charted this research project to better understand the current reality and the perceptions and plans of organizations – across all geographies, industries, organization sizes and business functions. To better understand the associated dynamics, we asked respondents to report on 36 characteristics of Cloud BI. These include a variety of user capabilities and architectural and security features. We have also assessed a number of vendor product offerings with an eye to cloud capabilities. Our goal is to provide a guide to understanding the trend towards Cloud Business Intelligence - including the vendor landscape - to help you develop a plan for moving forward.