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Wisdom of Crowds TM Collaborative Business Intelligence Market Study (Volume 1)

Wisdom of Crowds TM Collaborative Business Intelligence Market Study (Volume 1)

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“Collaborative Business Intelligence” promises to better enable the constituents of an organization to engage collectively - in the exploration, analysis, understanding and sharing of information related to a business or entity (Business Intelligence). Historically, people have had to use a variety of mechanisms to collaborate with Business Intelligence, which have been marginally productive and inefficient – including email, face-to-face meetings and telephone calls. Given the increased speed of business, reductions in resources and increased reliance on technology to get work done, integrating collaborative capabilities with Business Intelligence promises to improve the speed, efficiency and effectiveness of decision-making within organizations. It also may allow us to analyze the decision-making process itself – helping to develop or improve “best practices”. This body of research was developed to better understand how organizations currently collaborate with Business Intelligence and their future plans to do so. We have also assessed a number of vendor product offerings with an eye to collaborative capabilities. When examining Collaborative Business Intelligence, we focused upon “core” functionality – including: annotation, co-authoring, sharing, and “following” and “extended” functionality when integrated with a broader enterprise collaborative framework (e.g., search, audit, and workflow). Our goal is to provide a guide to understanding the trend towards Collaborative Business Intelligence - including the vendor landscape - to help you develop a plan for moving forward.