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OECD Tourism Trends and Policies 2012

OECD Tourism Trends and Policies 2012

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The report provides comparative knowledge, both policy and data, through thematic chapters and country-specific policy and statistical profiles. The report highlights key tourism policy developments, focuses on issues that rank high on the policy agenda in the field of tourism and provides a broad overview and interpretation of tourism trends in the OECD area and beyond. Tourism Trends and Policies is becoming an international reference and benchmark on how effectively countries are supporting competitiveness, innovation and growth in tourism, and shed light on policies and practices associated with this. It is published on a two-year basis. The 2012 edition has been undertaken in co-operation with the European Commission.Table of Content :Chapter 1. Tourism governance in OECD countries -Tourism governance at central level-Tourism governance at sub-national level-Tourism governance: co-ordination and interface with industry-Main challenges to effective governance of tourism and policy responsesChapter 2. Evaluating tourism policies and programmes-Evaluation issues-Country evaluation practices-ConclusionsChapter 3. Policy approaches to skills development in tourism-The skills challenge in tourism-Overcoming the skills gap through education and training-Skills and productivity issues in tourismChapter 4. Country profiles: Tourism trends and policies OECD member countries -Australia-Austria-Belgium-Canada-Chile-Czech Republic-Denmark-Estonia-Finland-France-Germany-Greece-Hungary-Iceland-Ireland-Israel-Italy-Japan-Korea-Luxembourg-Mexico-Netherlands-New Zealand-Norway-Poland-Portugal-Slovak Republic-Slovenia-Spain-Sweden-Switzerland-Turkey-United Kingdom-United StatesOECD non-member economies -Albania-Argentina-Brazil-Bulgaria-Croatia-Cyprus-Egypt-Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia-India-Indonesia-Latvia-Lithuania -Malta-Montenegro-Romania-Serbia-South AfricaAnnex A. Basic methodological referencesAnnex B. National tourism administration and related websites