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Longman Elementary Dictionary and Thesaurus

Longman Elementary Dictionary and Thesaurus

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Comprehensive and user-friendly.
  • 20,000 words and meanings include content-area, academic, and instructional vocabulary.
  • Clear and simple definitions use only 2,000 common words.
  • 20,000 example sentences help explain the meaning of words and how these words are used in context.
  • More than 1,000 illustrations offer additional visual support. Special Features.
  • Word Family boxes show words with the same root such as confuse, confusion, and confusing.
  • Word Building boxes explain how words are created using prefixes and suffixes such as boredom, freedom, breathless, careless, contradict, contrary.
  • Word Origin boxes have interesting and fun facts on the origin of words such as adobe, democracy, dinosaur, chipmunk, and chocolate.
  • Word Choice boxes explain the difference between confusable words such as less and fewer, fun and funny.

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