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World Consumer Lifestyles Databook

World Consumer Lifestyles Databook

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World Consumer Lifestyles Databook is an ideal resource to consult if you want to build detailed profiles of consumers. It is full of hard-to-research statistics which highlight similarities and differences in lifestyles for 76 countries. At a glance you can compare population structures, health and living standards, home ownership patterns, household profiles, labour force indicators, income and earnings, consumer and family expenditure, education, eating habits, drinking habits, smoking habits, leisure habits, saving and investments, media, transport, tourism, communications and crime. All data are presented in easy to read, comparable statistical tables. Data spans 20 years, allowing you to understand how lifestyles have changed in the last two decades. "Offering a vital, wide-angled view of global consumer behavior, this volume will prove a boon for economics, marketing, and even cultural studies collections." Library Journal "An easily accessible source of hard-to-come-by statistics. Business librarians will find it an indispensable resource" University of Strathclyde Graduate School of Business "Highly recommended for any academic library that supports courses in international business or international studies" American Reference Books Annual