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Studies on the Singapore Economy

Studies on the Singapore Economy

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Though there are several books on the Singapore economy, none have focused on the time series-based investigations. This book tries to address that gap and attempts to add to what we know from studies in the descriptive tradition. It is a compendium of twenty of the author's academic studies on the Singapore economy which have appeared previously as journal papers, book chapters, and feature articles. The papers share a common methodology of social scientific enquiry viz., time series econometrics, and are divided into three parts: macroeconomy, business cycles and forecasting. Each part brings together empirical essays that deal with particular aspects of these related fields. The book will be of interest to economists, policy-makers and students seeking a quantitatively informed understanding of the Singapore economy. Readership: Economists, policy-makers, public and private sector practitioners involved in monitoring and predicting economic developments, students and researchers interested in the Singapore economy.