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The Asia-Pacific, Regionalism and the Global System

The Asia-Pacific, Regionalism and the Global System

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Ever since the Asia-Pacific transformed from an 'institutional desert' into one of the most networked areas in the world, questions of the region's future and the future of the global system have become closely intertwined. This volume explores the key issues of regional co-operation, economic and political integration, security relations and international affairs within and across the Asia-Pacific. The expert contributors shed critical light on how significant developments are impacting on the global system. In particular, they consider emerging forms of global governance, and how the Asia-Pacific as a region, individual countries such as China, Japan, South Korea and the US, and regional organizations and forums like APEC are shaping the world. Uniquely, the discussion is not limited to East Asia but also takes Latin America prominently into the equation. This timely book will prove to be a stimulating read for academics, students, researchers and policy makers with an interest in Asian studies, development and agriculture, economics, international studies. Contributors: R.P. Appelbaum, M. Chen, C.M. Dent, H. Dobson, J. Dosch, M. Falck Reyes, Q. Fang, D.S.G. Goodman, J. Henderson, Y. Hong, J.L. Leon-Manriquez, S.A. Oyen, C.H. Park, R. Parker, J. Ravenhill, J. Reilly, A. Santa-Cruz, C. Yao