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Trading the Eurodollar on Forex for a Living

Trading the Eurodollar on Forex for a Living

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“If you’re looking to potentially increase your bottom line profits, Trading the Eurodollar on Forex for a Living, by Jim Oddo is a MUST. A complete system, which does not require you to stare at your screen all day long. This system truly works!” Eurodollar Trading on Forex This is a no nonsense, get right to the point trading book. It is not full of past stories or endless examples. This book shows a very simple trading method the author has used for years to turn a profit in the Eurodollar currency traded on Forex. This method is so simple many will find it hard to believe it works. Forex offers many advantages over all other markets (including the stock market). The author still trades all other markets successfully but the Forex has been a “dream” market. This is just one of the many effective ways to trade the Eurodollar. Why would I choose Trading the Eurodollar on Forex for a Living? No Technical Indicators System is designed for new and veteran traders All trades are explained in detail Freedom from over-trading Trade only what really Matters Every position is explained in detail BONUS – The Broker I Use BONUS – Spreadsheet Instructions for Automation