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Handbook of Research in International Marketing, Second Edition (Elgar Original Reference)

Handbook of Research in International Marketing, Second Edition (Elgar Original Reference)

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The global expansion of business has generated a tremendous interest among scholars, but there remains a strong need for theoretical insights into conducting marketing operations abroad. This thoroughly revised edition addresses this lack in the extant literature. The book consists of insights from leading scholars in international marketing, working not only to advance the theoretical underpinnings of today's most important international marketing issues, but also to provide insights for how the field of scholarship and practice of international marketing might develop in the future. The authors, top scholars from around the world, provide useful theoretical insights designed to stimulate contemplation and discussion, and to provide guidelines for future research on international marketing. The volume includes coverage of topics in four main areas: Part I looks at global branding while Part II examines issues of marketing strategy on a world stage. Part III offers chapters on cultural issues and the book closes with a more detailed look at marketing at the bottom of the pyramid in Part IV. Scholars and students in marketing and international business will find much of value in this comprehensive volume. Contributors: Y. Bao, E. Berger, S.T. Cavusgil, C.S. Craig, S.P. Douglas, A. el Banna, J. Evans, F. Fastoso, E. Gencturk, D.A. Griffith, S.C. Jain, J.K. Johansson, D. Kandemir, L.C. Leonidou, P. Magnusson, P. Matthyssens, S.A. Murphy, C.C. Nakata, N. Papadopoulos, P. Pauwels, J.I. Rojas-Mendez, E. Ruzo, S. Samiee, R. Sarathy, J.T. Simpson, C.M.P. Sousa, R. Varadarajan, S.A. Westjohn, J. Whitelock, S. Xu, G. Yalcinkaya, A. Yaprak, C. Yeo, S. Zhang