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Darkness Descends: Book Two of the Bankster Chronicles (Volume 2)

Darkness Descends: Book Two of the Bankster Chronicles (Volume 2)

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Through the pages of this book, you will know the shadowy world of banking--and more importantly, you will learn the fiercely interdependent workings of the banksters and our system of money. . . . Deeply embedded in its heritage, the bankster community is revealed as a culture of unspeakable violence; even as it fosters honor, loyalty, and friendship within its close-knit community. Also within these pages, you will know of fierce patriots who fight the banksters on their terms - taking advantage of the cracks and fissures of our paper money system to defeat the banksters' nefarious schemes. And then there are the common people, those who live, love, suffer, and perish at the hands of the banksters - for history also unfolds through their eyes! Epic in scope, this novel brings to life the 'Council of Bankers', headed by an aging patriarch, Lord Basil. In 1992, Lord Basil continues to mold the world according to his family's plan. And yet, as the plan approaches fruition, he meets resistance from a surprising quarter - patriots who still believe in gold and silver as lawful money. This second installment (Book Two) continues where Book One leaves off. It depicts the economic malaise - if not depression - we're living in today; and it looks into the future, revealing an ending that might be."This story will shatter the very foundation of your world - and it will test the depths of your convictions about money, and about power."