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Wall Street Journeyman

Wall Street Journeyman

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"Wall Street Journeyman" tells the story of a young man from Pittsburgh, who overcomes a troubled, violent, and dysfunctional childhood, significant obstacles, as well as long-term substance abuse, to forge an impressive career on Wall Street. It is a story of a long, twisted journey taken to the heights of Wall Street global options trading desks, as well as a decade spent trading as a Portfolio Manager at major hedge funds. The narrative combines brilliant description and analysis of Wall Street from both the investment banking, as well as the hedge fund, side of the Street. The saga blends sometimes-shocking decadence and tragic mistakes, along with impressive, heroic accomplishment. Mr. Santini ruthlessly exposes the seamy underbelly of Wall Street, while uncovering the dirty secrets they never want revealed. It tells the tale of a man who aggressively achieves success in high finance but then slowly watches it slip away through poor decisions and the general decline on Wall Street in the post global credit crisis world. The narration is a sharp, pointed, compelling first-hand account of the rise and fall of Wall Street over the past twenty-five years. The story chronicles his maturation and spiritual growth even as his career slowly fades. Told in blunt language and pulling no punches, "Wall Street Journeyman" is a must read for anyone interested in learning more about financial markets and living on the edge. "He jumped out of the shower, grabbed his cell phone and called Lorenzo back in London. In rapid-fire staccato fashion, he barked out a series of complicated orders for Lorenzo, while standing in the bathroom naked and still soaking wet. He went through six different currency-pairs and at least two possible transactions for Lorenzo to execute in each pair depending on price, type of option, strike price of option (rate at which option can be exercised), maturity of option and principal amount of transaction. Some of the orders were to buy a