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Ten Years: Expo 2010 & Me

Ten Years: Expo 2010 & Me

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Ten Years: EXPO 2010 & Me by Zhou Hanmin is a collection of speeches, interviews, papers and reports, that reflects Prof. Zhou's important contribution to Expo 2010 Shanghai. In this book, Prof. Zhou shares his experiences, lessons, and thoughts over the past decade on the following questions: Why host the Expo and how to bid? How to prepare Expo 2010 scientifically? How to gather the whole world together? How to fully utilize Expo 2010 to boost the development of Shanghai? How to work towards the goal of "Better City, Better Life" in the future? This book presents an outstanding contributor who viewed his commitment to the World Expo as a means to serve his country as well as an opportunity to learn new organizational and leadership practices and to incorporate new ideas and methods in his own work to make it more effective. But it's more than that. The book bears witness an arduous journey of China to the World Expo that spans ten years, and another great intellectual legacy left by Chinese people to the world. Published by SCPG Publishing Corporation and distributed by World Scientific for all markets except China Readership: Researchers, policy-makers, general readers interested in EXPO 2010.