OECD Insights From Aid to Development:  The Global Fight against Poverty

OECD Insights From Aid to Development: The Global Fight against Poverty

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The balance of economic power is shifting. Countries that were once poor are becoming economic powerhouses. Yet poverty persists worldwide, depriving billions of people of basic necessities and the prospects of creating a better life. How are we responding to this challenge? This book explores the multi-faceted world of aid and development co-operation a range of global, and sometimes contested, efforts aimed at reducing the impact of poverty. It traces the history of these efforts, explains where they come from and where they are going, and asks whether they are achieving as much as they could. It also examines some of the ways in which development efforts can be made more effective in achieving lasting benefits through good governance and the creation of a deeper partnership between developed and developing countries. And it looks at how the economic emergence of countries like China and India is bringing a new dynamic to development co-operation. Table of Content : 1. Introduction-Partners for development -Contexts: The persistence of old ideas -What this book is about 2. The persistence of poverty -Why are some countries still poor? -What is the development challenge? -Special section: The Millennium Development Goals 3. What is aid? -Is all aid the same? -Who provides aid? -Special section: Aid some numbers 4. Shifting development goals and motivations -Development co-operation: A brief history-What motivates aid-giving? -What are aids objectives? 5. Are we getting results? -What are the critiques of aid? -Does aid promote growth? -What does the public think? -How is success or failure measured? 6. Changing relationships and policies -How can aid be made more effective? -What is the impact of corruption on development? -What is policy coherence? 7. Governance matters -What is the role of governance? -What are fragile states? -How can taxation help development? 8. New partners for development -How is the world shifting? -What is South-South co-operation? -By way of conclusion References