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Own the Clouds: The First Guide to Investing in Cloud Computing Companies

Own the Clouds: The First Guide to Investing in Cloud Computing Companies

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Technology is changing the world around us at a shocking pace. New discoveries are changing how we live, work, and play. Some of the visionary companies promoting this cloud-based technology are poised for explosive growth. But you have to know which ones!Own the Clouds will teach you the skills you need to identify companies that will be the winners in the burgeoning "cloud computing" era. Whether you're an experienced investor or have never bought a share of stock, Joyce Blonskij's Own the Clouds is a must-read for everyone concerned about financial security.In this unique book, financial expert and technology advocate Joyce Blonskij shares up-to-date and detailed guidance on picking tomorrow's dominant players. She gives you a step-by-step blueprint for identifying the most promising companies in the new wave of technology taking shape now: cloud computing, the driving force behind how information moves through the Internet, wireless, and the mobile devices you use every day.For the first time in any how-to book, you'll be shown how to peer inside companies to see what management is doing with their stock, and how they stack up against their competition (the inside and outside scoop). You'll learn how to determine if a cloud company is profitable, to evaluate it quickly, and to choose wisely.For experienced investors - or first-timers you'll get a blueprint for getting started, setting up alerts and check-lists to help keep track of your chosen companies easily using free Internet resources. You'll learn to easily use charts, and be introduced to Joyce's favorite charting tool to help take emotion out of your decisions.It pays to know where our world is headed. Whether you're planning for your financial future or just curious about where our world is headed, "Own the Clouds" is an indispensable guide that's unlike any other. From investment insights to specific strategies, this book is packed with tools and guidance that will help take you from a place of financial uncertainty to a place of confidence. ??