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The Preferred Way: Amazing Unique Way to Increase Dividends, Cash and Wealth

The Preferred Way: Amazing Unique Way to Increase Dividends, Cash and Wealth

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The Preferred Way is a financial management strategy that can generate thousands of dollars of monthly dividend income, provide share appreciation while taking about half the risk of the stock market as represented by the S&P 501. This strategy can easily be implemented by the beginning investor with $501 to invest or an experienced investor with $501,000 at their disposal. Dividend producing investments such as preferred stocks and master limited partnerships ( mlps ) are not as heavily followed as the overall stock market. Brokers, TV commentators and a lot of the newsletter gurus do not trade in these markets as most of the investors tend to buy and hold these type of investments. Not a lot of broker profits or comments to be provided when there is not as much money to be made by these professional stock traders. Market inefficiencies are created from time to time and provide small and large investors with opportunities to not only collect high yields but also pick up capital gains along the way. This book will show you how to take advantage of these pricing inefficiencies and profitably trade using the Preferred Way's unique buy, hold and control strategy. There are no complicated allocations or formulas to follow and you will be shown how to identify target investments without spending a lot of time. You will be shown how to quickly develop your plan following the principals of the Preferred Way. This is a stress free approach to investing that can give you a smooth path to wealth instead of the market roller coaster ride. Financial institutions, options and futures are not a part of this investing strategy.