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Benefits Of Whipsaws In Can't Lose Stock Trades

Benefits Of Whipsaws In Can't Lose Stock Trades

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The phrase, ‘can’t lose stock trades’, is a strong statement that should make many people raise eyebrows, and with good reasons. The main reason being that many people consistently loses their money when they trade in the stock market. The stock prices are continuously vibrating and are prone to whipsaws. Whipsaws are the greatest nuisance that makes stock traders lose their trading money, time value to their investments and trading opportunities in stocks. It was Napoleon Hill who said that every nuisance carries with it the seed of a greater benefit. True. Every whipsaw carries with it an opportunity for you to have an equal or greater trades. This author has attempted to use this logic to formulate a profitable trading strategy, Benefits of Whipsaws in Can’t Lose Stock Trades, drawn from years of own experience. This book will walk you through worked examples in nearing can’t lose stock trades. By the end of the book, you should be able to appreciate that rather than panic because a whipsaw is about to form, you should instead look forward to it forming as it will give you an opportunity to make more profit. Ideally, the stock market has over the time been proven to be a wealth builder to those who understands it. It’s only fair that each one of us, regardless of one’s status, is entitled to a piece of this cake.