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European Jewels - Banco Santander: Investment Research (Volume 1)

European Jewels - Banco Santander: Investment Research (Volume 1)

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European Jewels - Banco Santander is the 1st volume of a collection of investment guides that aims at helping small and professional investors to take advantage of the current crisis. This 1st volume is dedicated to the analysis of Banco Santander. In this book you will find information related to the markets where Santander operates, the strategy that it is applying on those markets and our assessment of the chance of success. Based on this findings we developed a set of projections with the purpose of finding a rough estimate for stock value. With our direct but rigorous approach we wanted to offer the reader a set of tools and selected information that unlike the traditional “Investment Research” is not poised with conflicted interests, and at the same time does not contain the huge amount of undigested information usually presented on those works. Therefore we believe that this work piece is suitable for both the private and professional investors. You can follow us in http://europeanjewels.wordpress.com/