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Exceeds Expectations - Take Control of Your Performance Review

Exceeds Expectations - Take Control of Your Performance Review

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From the 16-year-old wading through a first job to the seasoned executive nearing retirement, we are all continually being evaluated or rated on our performance and our actions. Exceeds Expectations shows YOU how to drive the performance review process to achieve YOUR vision of success. You can achieve immediate rewards such as performance feedback, enhanced job satisfaction, or a clearer personal vision for success. Or you may receive the bonus, raise or promotion you deserve. When you manage expectations, accomplishments and communication throughout the year, you maximize success in your performance review process. Exceeds Expectations is a step-by-step process, filled with examples, exercises and personal stories that result in your Performance Review Action Plan. Your personal strategy is designed to guide you to Exceed Expectations in both your performance review and your career. Exceeds Expectations describes a proven method developed by Tricia Berry and Danielle Forget Shield after helping each other evaluate what they suddenly weren't doing right in their respective workplaces. After years of Exceeds Expectations on their performance reviews, both were surprised when Needs Improvement and No Information appeared for some of their respective job responsibilities. Quickly realizing what needed to be improved, they joined forces and created a strategic process designed for performance review and career success: Strategy 1: Understand Job Responsibilities Strategy 2: Define Goals or Objectives Strategy 3: Collect and Communicate Accomplishments Strategy 4: Identify and Address Challenges Strategy 5: Implement Success Methods After implementing the process described in this book in their own careers, Exceeds Expectations reappeared. Through 825 Basics, LLC workshops, Tricia and Danielle have helped others embrace the strategic process shared in this book and Exceed Expectations in their performance reviews: "For years books have told me what I should do. This process taught me how to do it!" "Your performance review is your responsibility - this method gives you the tools to take control of it." Take control of your performance review and Exceed Expectations today!