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The Path to Employment After Graduation

The Path to Employment After Graduation

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Today’s college and university graduates are finding it more difficult than ever to get an offer for the job they really want. Part of the difficulty is the state of our current world economy. Another part is that most graduates have no relevant experience to offer employers. In addition, the increasing number of graduates moving into the job market makes the competition for each job that much more intense. But even beyond these difficulties, the main reason that many graduates struggle to get that first desirable job offer, regardless of their academic record or how much in demand their major might be, is that far too many graduates simply do not know how to get their first desirable job. They do not know how to go about identifying the right job for them, how to attractively package themselves and how to sell themselves in a job interview. This book addresses these issues and provides many other skills and insights that the graduate will need to quickly get his or her career jump started.