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Job Search Tactics That Work

Job Search Tactics That Work

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Most open jobs are lurking in what's known as the hidden job market. Yet the vast majority of job seekers only apply for what’s advertised. The question is… How do you get to them? Angela Loeb has directly and indirectly helped tens of thousands of job seekers get hired. She knows what works and what doesn’t. In Job Search Tactics That Work, she reveals 6 major tactics to find and maneuver in the hidden job market. And, no, having the perfect resume is NOT one of them… Among the things you’ll learn are how to: identify and promote your personal brand; network… because it IS about who you know & who knows you; target best-fit jobs & increase your chances of getting hired by 86%; follow up after networking, submitting your resume & interviewing; and more. This book is for you if you’re ready for results. Aim well and hit the mark using tactics that work!